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advertising agency helping eCommerce and service-based businesses make sales through Facebook, Amazon & Google Ads.

Who are we.


We connect you to your customers by heavily leaning on direct response and paid traffic marketing not based on theory but practice. A team full of practitioners who are relentlessly working in the trenches to make businesses profitable. At the end of the day, the only thing that will help you make more sales is communication and relationship with your customers & clients. We make sure you guide your customers through the right process.

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Our laser-focused services help you turn advertising into profit.

Service 1 

12 Week Bridge Program.

This is our core offering. Over these 90 days, we come in & totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 14 days you’ll have your ads running. In 90% of cases, all we need is photos from your end and our in-house copywriting expert starts to construct your campaigns. Dev works in conjunction with our in-house Facebook and Google media buyers to make sure that the right message is landing to the right audience set. He works on the strategy and making sure that we load the canon properly in order to have a successful campaign.


To date, we have never made less than a 2X ROI over a 90-day slope for our E-com & Small Business clients, something we’re very proud of. If we decide to work with you, it’s only because we genuinely believe it’s going to be a home run. This 90-day program is a fixed 3-month agreement & then from there it’s rolling month by month.

  • Build audiences that respond to your product

  • Compelling ad creation and copywriting

  • Set up Facebook like an 8 figure business


Service 2
​Sales Funnels, Email Marketing and Consulting.

This is either done with you or done for you.

Most clients opt for the former. This comprises of a 2-day training where Dev or a lead strategist personally fly out to your offices to work with you & your team to build out the perfect sales-generating funnel. Most clients decide on the done-with-you because it’s both quicker and better bang for the buck.

Clients &


In three short years of establishment we've run over 400+ campaigns generating upwards of 4 million dollars in sales for clients in e-commerce, real estate, education, hospitality and many more industries

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