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Our Story

We are a social media marketing company.


Our only focus is to run positive return on investment campaigns for clients. Everything else is secondary. 


Our mission is to be a leading agency in the social media marketing and advertising space. When a business is struggling to execute against their goals, we want to be the specialist a-team that you call in before anyone else. We connect you to your customers by heavily leaning on direct response and paid traffic marketing not based on theory but practice. A team full of practitioners who are relentlessly  working in the trenches to make businesses profitable.


We want to be in a position to build strong relationships with our clients and get them to join our overarching mission - making digital education accessible for kids in developing countries to level the playing field of opportunities. 


Truth be told, social media marketing is the most cost effective way to find and keep your most loyal customers. It can be for all businesses! Even though we’ve successfully run ads in wide range of industries - our absolute profitable campaigns have been for clients in franchising, professional services, retail and e-commerce. It’s safe to say we know much more than most out there in those niches.


Our goal is simple - ignite your sales, business enquiries and website traffic through social media ads. The more successful we make you, the more successful we will be.

Dev Chand 

Founder of Digital Chapter